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Holy Moly Cleans


Get the ultimate cleaning experience with washing machine effervescent tablets that have triple decontamination capability and specifically formulated to dissolve slowly with strong dirt, mildew, stains removing agents to keep your machine fresh clean and brand new.

For all washers

Suitable for front loading washing machines, top loading washing machines, high efficiency washing machines, and conventional or traditional washing machines.

Extend the longevity of your washing machine

High efficiency washing machine cleaner tablets are thinner, smaller and extremely powerful to penetrate and wipe out odor-causing residues, mildew and stubborn stains that decay and disrupt the efficacy of your machine wash drum, in order to keep your machine wash tank clean fresh and brand new, and your clothes extending your machine’s longevity.

Very easy to use

1: Remove other clothes from washer

2: Put 1-3 tablets into the machine

3: Start the full washing cycle

4: Now pause the machine (Do not drain water) soak for 2-3 hours, So that the tablets get dissolved to give the best sterilization results. After soaking run the wash cycle to discharge the residues



Safety information

Eye irritant. Poisonous. Harmful if swallowed. Keep out of reach of children


Product Description

  • Effective deep cleaning: Washing machine cleaner tablets with triple decontamination capability completely eliminate your washing machine tank remnants. The solid washer tablet is small, thin and extremely powerful to pierce and break-up odor-producing residues, dissolves dirt, and decomposes stubborn stains. Washing machine cleaner tablets are anti-bacterial, mildew-resistant and help sanitize your machine, leaving machine washer tank clean, fresh and odor-free.
  • Specifically formulated tablet dissolves gradually: Washing machine effervescent tablets last throughout the full wash cycle and wipe out residue build-up better than bleach. This solid washer tablet has triple decontamination, and active oxygen, dissolves and decomposes 99% remnants and remove smell-producing stains in the washing machine. These cleaning tablets keep the machine and pipes clean and free of dirt, stains, and mildew deposits.
  • Very easy to use: Remove other clothing items from your washer. Fill the washing machine with water to the maximum level. Just put 1-3 cleaning tablets and then start the full washing cycle. Now pause the washing machine, soak for 2-3 hours, and let the tablets get dissolved so that they give the best decontamination results. After soaking run the full cycle to discharge the remnants.
  • Best period once a month: It is advisable to clean once a month. If the wash tank of your machine is neat and clean; your washed clothes remain fresh, clean and hygienic. By protecting your machine, you can protect the health of your beloved ones.
  • Multiple uses: Our washing machine cleaning tablets are suitable for front loading washing machines, top loading washing machines, high efficiency washing machines, and traditional washing machines


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